Milonga, dé plek om te ont-moeten.....
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                International Milonguero week with Luis Rojas & Corine Groenewegen Louis and Corine  met 15 years ago in a Milonga in Buenos Aires and started teaching together during tango-events 10 years ago. Luis Rojas is one of the best teachers for milonguero dancing. He represents the tango culture of traditional milongas in Buenos Aires. His Latin warmth, pleasure and dedication become one with his broad knowledge of tango in the classes. In a joyful way he gives you food for thought and elements to grow as a dancer. Luis understands tango from inside out and is a great teacher to bring your tango a big step further. Luis started dancing on a young age (tango and folklore). He is a teacher, a DJ and an organizer of Milonga International in BsAs and events where he invites well known tango orchestras. Luis is happy when he can share his culture with you true tango and so much more and looks forwards again to meet for the tango summer week in the green paradise in the North of France: ‘La Milonga’ in Le Coq Banni. The sun always shines in this region: the big golden ball above us ouside the house and Luis inside the walls of La Milonga. Corine has been at the heart of Amsterdam tango for 25 years, promoting, teaching, inviting high profile milonguero maestros and organising milonga ‘La Bruja’ since 2007. Corine combines everything a good teacher needs: knowledge, experience, enthusiasm. Her knowledge is formed by twenty-five years experience of learning, dancing and teaching as well as regular and extensive visits to Buenoas aires. Her reflections on tango combine technical precision with vivid imaginativeness. In her teaching, she focuses on dancing as a dialogue, works on male and female roles and she uses her broad knowledge about the human body, coming from her profession as a homeopath. But above all is her enthusiasm: she really believes in her students and in her warm and inspiring way she gives confidence in each one’s own abilities. Corine is a true ambassador of the joy of dancing. Finally: The results of her teaching are always impressively successful! (written by Martin Ottmars, former dance partner of Corine, Bonn).    During the entire week there will be the warm attention, delicious food and drinks             from Fons, Ingrid and Peter.
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